Common Training Program

Civil Services Academy is one of the oldest public sector training institution of Pakistan. Its main objective is to train the newly recruited CSS officers of different Central Services. Most of the officers who join their training here have no past experience of government service in Pakistan. They are intelligent, hard working and ambitious but they are generally not fully aware of the intricacies of the difficult tasks they are destined to perform. Civil Services Academy aims at transforming these young, bright college, university students into Civil Servants who must be well groomed before they are faced with the problems requiring long term or short term solutions. Our faculty plans to achieve this objective by strictly following a well-structured Common Training Program. The training methodology includes intensive academic sessions, co-curricular activities, local and country-wide tours and military attachment.

During CTP the Probationary officers have to complete all the phases in a prescribed manner before proceeding to the specialized training programs. CSA has designed an elaborate mechanism for assessing the performance of Probationary officers in all aspects of their training which is carefully graded and the marks obtained during CTP are extremely important for further growth in career. It is expect that after participating in this comprehensive program the young entrants in challenging federal services are well prepared to proactively solve the problems faced by the common man.